Halo Mountain - Developing a preventative treatment for Alzheimer's disease

About Halo Mountain


There are currently 50 million people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s Association, 2018). This number will only increase as the baby boomer generation ages, with a projected 131.5 million people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease by 2050. This issue, on top of preventing people from connecting with their loved ones because of cognitive deficits, costs $605 billion dollars each year. This could be disastrous for the healthcare system, which has no way of slowing, preventing or curing Alzheimer’s disease.


These statistics are stunning and must be addressed. Because of the growing incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, this problem is poised to grow, destroying the lives of an increasing number of Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers. By stopping the progression of this disease, we would enable men and women to live longer with a better quality of life. It would also reduce the caregiving burden placed on the patient’s families, most of whom have just finished or are also caring for their children. Testing and developing our formula will also eliminate the need for insurance companies to pay for long-term, ineffective treatments.  


By protecting the brain, Halo Mountain will stop the Alzheimer’s oxidation process before it progresses too far, drastically reduce the financial and emotional burden of Alzheimer’s and help an enormous patient population.